An impulsive mood can guide you toward opportunities as well as mishaps today if you trust that your path is the right one. The spontaneity you exhibit at work and at home can be a boon to you as you may find yourself in situations where the options before you are confusing. If you give yourself permission to surrender to the flow of the universe today — whether that means acting impulsively or following an uncertain avenue — you can release your cares into the ether. The confidence you will likely feel will no doubt be a result of your no longer having to worry that you are on the wrong track.

We lose the troubles and care that might otherwise have compelled us to give up our dreams when we dedicate ourselves to the focused flow of the universe. We may feel that we have come unmoored, yet later we see clearly that our fates were mapped out in ways we could not yet comprehend. The universal flow will nearly always speed us toward those forms of accomplishment that will prove rewarding as its current is just another aspect of the plan put in place for us before our birth. Unlike when we fight against the tide or attempt to outrun it, we are carried forward and can feel at ease as we contemplate the richness that is to come. Today your spontaneity and your desires will be defined by a directness that proves beyond a doubt that you are following a path laid out for you in time immemorial.